Real briar coverings

Accurate covering in briarwood and precious woods make each creation unique for luxury cars, boats and yachts, planes and helicopters: thus each interior becomes an exclusive and refined setting, thanks to the skilful handwork of expert craftsmen.

A careful and meticulous search for the finest briar wood to meet the demands of even the most demanding customers.

Briar wood is a precious material that requires skill and love, which is why handcrafting is the best way to achieve high quality results

In the workshop, master craftsmen create special customised fittings according to customer requirements, all exclusively made by hand, in order to maintain high quality standards. In the workshop, the artisans cover the dashboards of classic cars, aircraft and helicopter interiors, boat interiors, luxury furniture and concept car interiors and any customer's wishes, using real walnut veneer, amboine veneer, elm veneer, madrona veneer, vavona and precious woods such as mahogany, erable, rosewood, makassar ebony, maple, walnut, etc. etc. This is how unique objects are created, true art forms embellished by this gift of nature.

Consider that the walnut plant, from which walnut root is derived, began growing 80/100/120 years ago.

What can I use briar for?

Briar, a very fine wood essence, is cut into thin sheets suitable for covering a wide variety of objects, from furniture to the details of cars and other luxury vehicles. When is it used? Whenever you want to add value and elegance to objects of great charm.