Real Carbon Fiber Coverings

The real carbon fibre covering of car parts or other objects gives value and elegance to each creation: a technique that the Virginio Brambilla workshop still performs by hand, customized, with high aesthetic quality and passion.

Strictly handmade by expert craftsmen.

In addition to briarwood workmanship, carbon fiber workmanship has also been introduced in recent years.

The guarantee of quality comes not only from a great knowledge of the material, but also from passion and craftsmanship. In this way, we cover dashboards, steering wheels, details of interiors and objects of various types and shapes.

The technique used is the cold technique, without the use of an autoclave, everything is done only by hand, every detail taken care of, for a perfect, elegant and unique final result.

Where is Carbon Fiber suitable for?

In addition to briar veneers, the workshop also specialises in real carbon fiber coverings; here, too, the process is strictly manual and meticulous in every detail.