Classic car interiors in briarwood

The wooden or briar dashboards of classic cars are bound to get damaged over time: we can either cover them with new briar or restore the existing briar, and they will look as good as new...... or even better.

Wooden or briarwood dashboards for classic cars: as nice as new

Wood is a natural, ever-living material that evolves and changes over time, and is a symbol of cosiness and warmth.

It is precisely this characteristic that makes it so loved and fascinating. Of course, the wooden dashboards of classic cars are no exception to this rule, and their timeless beauty occasionally requires restoration that is up to its standards.

So if your wooden or briar dashboard has become damaged over time, this is normal and it is because the wood is alive! What can we do? We can restore the existing briarwood, or cover it with new briarwood and then apply protective varnish so that it will last for a long time.