Coverings and steering wheel restorations in briarwood

Is it possible to restore a briarwood or wooden steering wheel to its original splendour? The answer is yes: the wood is rebuilt, while the metal parts are treated and polished. And everything is as good as new again.

We rebuild wooden and briar steering wheels to make them exactly as new.

The feeling of holding a wooden steering wheel is priceless: it is an object of great charm with a major impact on the aesthetic impression of the entire vehicle. However, it is possible that time has left its mark on the briarwood steering wheel that you love so much, or that the mahogany steering wheel no longer retains its original appearance, has cracked or split apart due to years of use.

Does one therefore have to give it up? No: it is possible to rebuild the damaged steering wheel in every respect, restoring it to its original splendour... and sometimes even better! The metal spokes are treated and polished, et voila: you're ready to take off again

Would you like a quote for the restoration of your steering wheel?

Would you like to restore the wooden or briar steering wheel of your classic car? We know how to help you.

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