Our history

Known as 'The Magician of Briar', Virginio Brambilla was, since the 1960s, a master cabinetmaker known in the luxury world: a family tradition, proudly carried on by his son Rossano.

A tradition of craftsmanship handed down through generations to combine tradition and innovation.

The working of briarwood is not just a craft, but a true form of art: moreover, the value and quality of the woods used require great skill in their treatment. The idea of devoting oneself to briarwood came in 1960 - the year the company was founded - from the will of Virginio Brambilla, a master cabinetmaker specialised specifically in working with real briarwood.

In his small workshop, the master began to enrich the interiors of prestige cars with this material, through strictly manual workmanship.

So it was that the ingenious craftsman, in a short time, became for everyone 'the magician of briarwood'; within a few years more and more prestigious customers began to turn to him, appreciating this ancient and noble material more and more.The tradition did not stop with Virginio, indeed, the Nineties saw the entry into the company of his son Rossano, who took over his father's business and exported it beyond the Italian national borders, first to Europe, then to the rest of the world.

What can I use briar for?

Briar, a very fine wood essence, is cut into thin sheets suitable for covering a wide variety of objects, from furniture to the details of cars and other luxury vehicles. When is it used? Whenever you want to add value and elegance to objects of great charm.