Restoration and remake of Furniture Accessories in Briar and Carbon Fibre

Whether it's adding charm and exclusivity with real briarwood, precious woods, or achieving a high-tech effect with real carbon fibre, furniture has no secrets for us. Even with extreme curves.

A touch of timeless class with woodbria, or with real carbon fibre coverings.

Briar is a much-loved material not only for classic cars, but also for giving a touch of class and exclusivity to furniture: accessories made of briar immediately speak of luxury and timeless charm, also thanks to their ability to interpret different styles well. And for those who want a modern, sometimes a very modern impact the answer lies in covering in real carbon fibre.

Thanks to expertise built up over the years, we can cover the creations of architects and designers, be they curved furniture or very moulded objects, we can veneer them with a touch of class thanks to fine woods. On the other hand, if the ultimate goal is a high-tech look, the choice can only fall on covering with real carbon fibre, handcrafted as well.

One of Virginio Brambilla's specialisations is the covering of panels with very pronounced bendings: this is why we also provide our support to carpentry workshops and professionals in the field who have to deal with this type of special processing.

Would you like a quotation for the covering of furnishing accessories?

Would you like to renovate or cover again furniture accessories? We know how to help you.

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